Middleman fans, bring the noise!

4.8.08 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 23:25

I want to talk to you about this show. It's got space aliens, demons, secret high tech protection agencies, at least two hot arty-geeky gals (who can ACT, btw. not just eye candy) and a guy called Noser whose knowledge of musical catch phrases is a wonder to behold. It is the MIDDLEMAN, in case you didn't know. It's the brainchild of one Javier Grillo-Marxuach of LOST, MEDIUM and SUPER SKRULL fame. A lot of people think the show began life as a comic book that then made the jump to live-action TV. Not so. The show began as, wait for it, a TV show. Well, as an idea and proposal for a TV show that its creator shopped around to folks who basically slammed doors in his face. Yes, thats right, kids. You can have the goods. You can have the connections. You can have the track record and the kickass resume and STILL the answer is mostly, "No. Sorry. We can't use you." However, like most people who get anywhere in the world, Mr. G-Marx gave TPtB the old finger, reworked the concept into a graphic format, found a great artist to draw the sucker and released it as the hyper successful MIDDLEMAN series of mini-series' from VIPER comics. THEN, after it proved it had legs in another venue, the brave souls in Hollywood took another look. More than that, they took a shot. MIDDLEMAN is currently airing on ABC Family at 10pm on Monday nights. Why it's not on ABC proper is beyond me but, hey, I am not a programming exec and have only the barest clue how they do what they do. The point, for you reading this and me writing, is this: TEN PM MONDAYS. Get it?! ABC FAMILY! Yes? MIDDLEMAN! GO THERE. You're not busy. Don't lie. You're just sitting there. It's MONDAY frickin' night. You're hot. There's nothing happening in the world (at least nothing you can be bothered by at 10pm on a Monday night). You're just sitting there. You know you're just sitting there. That's what Monday night is: a lot of people sitting in a semi-stupor, trying to process the fact that yet another weekend is over and it's going to be a hellish four more days to daylight. Well forget it. The weekend is a myth. There is no weekend as far as you're concerned. Don't even contemplate the weekend until THURSDAY effin' NIGHT or you'll go nuts. Nobody wants that, do they? No. They don't. Uh. yeah. Anyway. You're just sitting there is the point. So? Sit and watch. Be entertained. Be amused and impressed by the tasty scifi-comedy goodness and then, and this is important, go and tell friends to do the same. MIDDLEMAN deserves a shot. It's smart, hip (are we still saying hip? If not, substitute whatever the new hipness is. Nobody tells me these things.) and it is the result of the sort of tenacity that should make any scifi fan proud. I know I am. And I'm watching. Join me, won't you?

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