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23.12.09 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 08:36

Hello again, Jacketeers. Settle people, settle. As we gear up for the last of 2009 (bringing us inevitably to my annual recap blog, early in 2010) I thought I'd take a break from trumpeting the upcoming advent of PRODIGAL and just mention something else, something a little less flashy and something I did for fun. Kindle. eBooks in general but the Kindle to begin with. They're awesome. One way or another, pretty much everybody who reads books on a regular basis is going to end up with some version of the Kindle in the next few years and I finally figured, after some minor experimentation with the platform, to take a breath and dive in. So I'm offering RED/shift, a wholly original science fiction-fantasy-action-thriller set on a well colonized planet Mars. It's a novelette. It was a finalist in WRITERS OF THE FUTURE 22. It's fun (I think). So, if you're one of the vanguard who already has eReader capability, drop by the AMAZON shop and take a gander. Here's the official pitch. A dashing killer trying to outrun his past... A world-weary cop determined to close her most baffling case... A dying heiress desperate to find a cure for her disease... When these stories collide on the same Martian night the results are not only explosive but deadly. The author of Star Trek: Titan: Sword of Damocles presents an original tale of murder and magic set in a future that is both familiar and strange. Here's the cover: here's the link:

RED/ SHIFT And here's me wishing all of you a happy holiday season. Seeya in 2010.

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