Harry, we hardly knew ye.

12.8.07 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 00:42

Ah, screw it. THe first version of this was wicked pithy but I realized it makes no difference. SCI FI, you screwed up canceling Dresden. It deserved more of a shot and you would have had a hit on your hands. Everyone connected with the project was top notch. Your star was both quirky and charismatic AND he could act, God forbid. Your source material has ONGOING legs in the publishing world and your producers, wisely, chose not to ignore where they got their ideas. This show deserved another season, at least. It deserved a push. It deserved better than this and so did we. I know you'll never read this but, on the off chance that one of your kids or boyfriends or girlfriends actually surfs this sort of blog, PLEASE tell your significant other to reconsider this VERY VERY shortsighted decision.

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