The year in my rear view

30.12.07 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 21:02

Well. Here we are at the end of the year. If you're reading this, like me, you made it through essentially intact. Congrats, survivor. Kudos to you. Lots of our fellow humans didn't cross the finish line this year and, those who deserve it, will be missed. This is that official wrap up you've been dreading and, as I don't want to go out angry or to make you go out that way, I can promise, for now at least, there will be no discussion of my nation's idiot foreign policy or the encroaching heat death of our ecosystem or any discussion of the supernatural. This was, for us, the survivors, a good year simply for not having hit the dirt. Here are some of the very fine things and people that made this year, for me, better than the last. MY NOVEL, monkeys! It actually happened. Go and buy it. it's awesome. I got to develop two projects, SWORD OF BLOOD and BITTER SOULS, from comics to TV and very nearly placed on a fairly Stellar cable network. My short story, ESHU & THE ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE was published in the TRIANGULATION: END OF TIME anthology. The first season of my web series, THE DARK, ran for most of the year to actual critical acclaim. My web comic, the Dreamnsaium just cracked ten thousand hits after only two months in the world. I don't know if that's as kick ass as it sounds but it feels good to me. Jimmie "BOMB KING" Robinson included one of my posters in his BOMB QUEEN trade paperback and, not coincidentally, Big Jim Valentino and Kris "Editor Girl" Simon included another in the sadly truncated THE EMISSARY series from SHADOWLINE/IMAGE. I got to meet two of my favorite authors, Mr. Tad Williams and Mr. Mike Carey and, contrary to expectation, both turned out to be really decent guys and in no way full of either themselves or bovine excrement. Awesome. I met the AWESOME Damian Kindler who already lives in a future I hope to see. Go check out his web series, SANCTUARY, and be humbled and amazed. I got gut-wrenchingly close to selling a TV series I created to a Wonderful, world class network (and may yet, after the strike is done) My short story, THE THIRD OPTION, was included in the debut issue of the neo-pulp webzine ASTONISHING ADVENTURES STORIES. My original novel, WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT, may, in fact, be published sometime next year. More on that as it develops obviously. Several of my other shorts have been purchased by several upcoming anthologies but I'm not allowed to give details yet. I scripted a story for my good friend TODD HARRIS that appeared in CAFFEINE DREAMS #2 I wrote my very first forward for a really great graphic novel, DESCENDANTS I was asked to participate in the upcoming HONOR BRIGADE trade paperback from SPINNER RACK COMICS and, dammit, I did! I got to have an editorial session with one of the greatest comic book writers in history, Dwayne McDuffie, and to see him FINALLY beginning to get his legitimate due. I got to meet John Romita Sr. and tell him the greatest comic book story anyone will ever hear and which I'm not telling here (nyah nyah). I got exposed to A great neo pulp web comic called WAR OF THE SHADOW CLANS by J. A. Ortiz. It combines a Hal Foster approach with modern machinima techniques and I can't recommend it highly enough. go. go look. Boom Studios' ROSS RITCHIE and the whole insane crew. Pay attention to these books, man. They are top shelf. The Antidote Trust, a cooperative of independent comic book producers, each of whom is a bitchin' boss mofo in his own right. A book called War of the Flowers by Tad Williams (he signed it TOO! WOW!) that totally made me enjoy fantasy novels again. The great web novel DINGO by Mike Nelson. Both it and he are just amazing and I can't say enough about them. Go read it. The AMAZING, TRULY FREAKING AMAZING Decoder Ring Theatre. This is an ongoing series of original old school "radio" shows created by some equally supernaturally appealing Canadians. Curse you, Canada! Why must you be so fun and Northy!? Anyway, if you like THE SHADOW or SAM SPADE or FLASH GORDON you need to run, not walk, to their site and dig in. I can't speak highly enough of them and their work. Mandy Moore's cover of Rhianna's UMBRELLA. Shut up. It's fantastic. Nickelodeon's AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. if you haven't yet, get off your but and check it. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MISSING OUT UNTIL YOU DO. The aforementioned SANCTUARY, by the aforementioned Damian. This is your future, kids. Get on the hover bus now. Quarterlife. Dig it. Check it. Learn from it. 'nuff said. Second Life. Sure there's the whole crazy sex aspect but, nobody's forcing you to play that way. It's the beginning of the actual Matrix, kids. No joke. Check or be checked. And, no, I'm not telling you my AKA. What fun would that be? Dayton Ward. Wendy Pini (AWESOME!!!!!) Steven Barnes Jae Yu Neal and Jana Hallford Keith R.A. DeCandido John Rogers (GO, Monkey King!) Kesi McKie Reggie Hudlin Marco Palmieri Clint Bohn Adam Belanoff (though not nearly enough this year) Vinx Dean Devlin. (That's all I'm saying for now.) also, more as it develops. the bad news My comics mini series, THE RED LINE, through ABSOLUTELY no fault of my own, is almost certainly never going to see the light of day which is depressing as hell but out of my hands. If you want to see it (and you do, believe me, it's freaking amazing) feel free to contact the publishers and give them an ear or eyeful. they DESERVE it.HERE'S THE LINK. Be brutal. I probably missed something or someone and I am heartily sorry for that. I can come back and edit them in as i think of them. Thass all, folks Have a happy and safe new Year's Eve and come back in 08 for even more kick ass good fun. link urls for the fun stuff

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