The Year in My Rear View

25.1.09 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 13:38

Well. It's a bit late this year. Busy, busy, busy in casa Thorne. Overall this was another banner year. I'd tell if it wasn't, believe me.

I'm not going to talk about the election.

We all know what we did on that score and we all know what we have to do.

There was bad news this year. Some deaths. Some people lost their jobs. A lot of them, actually. You probably know a few. You may be one yourself.

The one closest to me so far is described in the NEWS page so click and look. The good news, as always, is the writing. Better this year than last but, sadly, much of the Good is still in-process and Time has taught me to fear the Jinx so let's just say, things are moving in positive direction earlier than the pundits predicted.

Deals made for several anthologies last year will hit the bricks this year and I'm having a lovely time jobbing around Lost Angles in various guises. I have two original novels out to different publishers and there may be a collection in the works as well. Who knew?

Well. My wife did.

She's largely responsible for this turn of events. But that's part of the job description.


Note to readers: 


Write as many chapters as you effin' like, I say.

There were a couple of really tasty false starts too but they were fun, despite the unhappy outcomes, and new people were met which is always a good thing.

The nephews thrive like the happy, rambunctious weeds they are.

The sibling seems poised to take up the pen (or, I guess, keyboard. Who uses pens anymore?).

Life is good. One of the better things that happened didn't even happen last year but in the very early days of this one so I'm going to allude to it but not actually mention here. Next post will be wholly devoted.

 Be well. Stick around. Buckle up.

 The ride is bumpy, yeah, but the effects are out of this world.

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