The Prometheus Rules

10.10.11 , Posted by Geoff Thorne at 13:31

I'm pissed off.


Under normal circumstances that would be a bad thing and I'd take some time to cool off. usually that's when I'm pissed about something external like Repulicans or multinational corporations or racism, stuff like that. being mad about that stuff is often futile in the moment so you need to sit still and think about your options.

no. I'm pissed off creatively. Really pissed off.

There's a lot of stuff I'm NOT seeing getting made by people, stuff I would like to see, subjects I'd like addressed, stories that aren't being told.

I've had it.

So I'm writing some.

Lots actually.

Buckle up.

I'm breaking out the PROMETHEUS RULES.

What are they?

You'll see.

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